High End Gameplay

We promise to give users an awesome place to play where they can talk to each other and have fun. Combat tokens and other in-game items, such as real weapons, can all be traded for NFTs on the Market.

Intensive Battles

Players can challenge themselves by battling intensively in the arenas, with the different characters provided in the game, only 1 player can emerge as a favorite winner in the battlefield. Choose your favorite fighter today.

Play to Earn

Combat tokens can be earned by players in a variety of ways, including collecting, battling, and so on. Combat is not only a currency that can be used inside the game, but it is also a cryptocurrency that can be purchased outside of the game.

Player Vs Environment

Call to Combat is a delightfully NFT role-playing game on the Binance Smart Chain. Players can earn money by taking care of their characters and putting together teams to beat enemies in PvP/PvE battles and the campaign.

About CallToCombat

Call to Combat is a game developed in the style of the metaverse and built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). It was developed by a team consisting of core blockchain technicians as well as members of well-known casual game development companies.

“A ground-breaking new gaming approach is utilized in this engrossing and cutting-edge game, which is also very addictive. This game becomes exhilaratingly immersive thanks to the excellent pairing of combat and strategy, and it is broken up into several separate levels.”

In Call to Combat, players must free hostages and kill enemies. Players earn bounty points for completing levels. The player starts the game as a soldier or lieutenant and is handed real-life guns for warfare. Each mission's goals are displayed on the HUD compass. Players must complete all objectives to advance.

FPS Shooter

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BUSD Rewards

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NFT Marketplace

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Our Merchandise

Below are our we merchandise that can be purchased in our marketplaces, make sure you pick a great weapon for your character.


Sniper guns

Machine guns



$TBA Marketplace


$TBA Marketplace


$TBA Marketplace


$TBA Marketplace


$1,499.00 Marketplace


$TBA Marketplace


$TBA Marketplace

Hold to Earn

Acquiring and holding $COMBAT tokens allows you to participate in and earn from a variety of benefits, giveaways, and Rewards. The table below shows a three-rank wallet holding benefit.


 15 after first month
  • Minimum Holding: 101 CTC
  • DAILY BUSD ROI: 0.5%
  • Next Month ROI: 20%
  • APR: 1076% in 12 months
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 35 after first month
  • Minimum Holding: 100,001 CTC
  • DAILY BUSD ROI: 1.16%
  • Next Month ROI: 50%
  • APR: 1076% in 7 months
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 25 after first month
  • Minimum Holding: 1,001 CTC
  • DAILY BUSD ROI: 0.83%
  • Next Month ROI: 35%
  • APR: 1076% in 9 months
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As seen in the Media

We have already partnered with many companies around the world and have numerous media publications in the international press. Some of them are listed below, with more information available on the docs.