Healthy finances.Family style.

With Apple Card Family, you can share Apple Card with a Co‑Owner and add up to four Participants to one easy-to-manage account.

Co‑Owners manage the account together and build credit as equals.

Participants age 18 and over can build their own credit history.

Everyone gets up to 3% Daily Cash back on their purchases.

Two kinds of users. The right fit for everyone.

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share equal benefits and responsibilities for the account.


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age 13 and older can spend within limits and get Daily Cash.

Co‑Owners are

equal partners.

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It’s easy to add your partner, spouse, or other adult from your Family Sharing group as a Co‑Owner — even if they don’t have their own Apple Card yet.

Apple Card Family allows two partners to merge credit lines to form a single co-owned account, manage that account together, and build credit as equals.

Both Co‑Owners can view and manage the account, see each member’s activity, route their Daily Cash to individual Savings accounts, and set limits on Participants’ spending.

Participants learn healthy financial habits.

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Anyone age 13 or older in your Family Sharing group can be added to your card as a Participant. The Owner’s credit limit or Co‑Owners’ combined credit limit can be extended to all Participants.

To help Participants learn to use credit responsibly, Co‑Owners can set spending limits and receive real-time notifications. Participants 18 and over can even build their own credit.

Family members can use their Apple Card anywhere Mastercard is accepted and, unlike with other cards, can automatically receive Daily Cash back on their own purchases.

Start sharing.

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Get started
with Apple Card.

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Apply in minutes to see if you are approved with no impact to your credit score.